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FG Wilson Full Flow Lube Spin-On Filter

FG Wilson high efficiency filters are strong enough to withstand the toughest operating conditions. The new models 10000-51228 and 10000-51233 excel in both separation and contaminant retention capacity.

The cellulose / glass filter media protects the engine by trapping and retaining contaminants, thus preventing damage to essential engine parts. The perforated central tube not only constitutes an internal support and reinforcement element, but also allows a maximum oil flow rate. A steel helical spring maintains a constant load pressure on the seal and the cartridge, thus protecting the engine even in the event of pressure surges. A bypass valve protects the engine during cold starts and in very unfavorable conditions by guaranteeing the distribution of the lubricant to the vital parts of the engine. A self-draining drain valve keeps the oil in the filter, avoiding destructive dry starts for the engine.

  1. Helical spring steel 
    Keep its shape, maintaining pressure under positive load on
    the seal and the cartridge, thus avoiding unfiltered oil
    reaches the sensitive parts of the engine.
  2. Central tube openwork 
    Provides resistance to pressure surges. The perforated design
    maximizes throughput while preserving resistance.
  3. Bypass valve 
    Allows the oil to bypass the filter in cold start or
    in very unfavorable conditions.
  4. Complete metal fittings 
    Maximize filter life by enhancing stability and
    structural strength.
  5. Improved cellulose filter material 
    Thanks to its greater depth of folds, it brings a better
    ability to retain contaminants and increase efficiency.
  6. Robust base 
    Connected to the bowl by a double groove snap fitting seal
    to resist leakage under high pressure.
  7. Nitrile seal 
    Supports extreme temperatures and ensures leakage
    regular, avoiding leaks.
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